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What isHour Glass Figure Surgery?

The hourglass figure has always been considered an ideal figure among women. However, it is quite unfortunate that not all women have a perfect body naturally. Women, who are not blessed with the classic hourglass figure, can take the help of plastic surgery to achieve the figure they have always desired.

Before finding a perfect plastic surgeon to help you achieve a perfect hourglass figure, we first have to know what an hourglass figure actually is. In an hourglass shape, the hips and the mid-section are of uniform size, the waistline is slim and the muscle to fat ratio is flawless and evenly distributed around the upper and lower parts of the body.

The hourglass surgery involves:

  • dr dekidSucking the fat out, sculpting the waistline, contouring the hips, and shaping the entire abdominal wall

  • dr dekidHourglass surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries

  • dr dekidThe procedure involves the removal of bulk from the hips, abdominal wall, and other unwanted areas and just sets your curves right

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procedure of hour glass surgery



Hourglass procedure is a mixture of art and science and thus it is very essential to choose the correct plastic surgeon to undergo this major surgery. The plastic surgeon should have an unbeatable sense of aesthetics. Dr. Dekid Palmo is a renowned Indian plastic surgeon who is known for his experience and attention to detail. His cosmetic procedures are known for delivering long-lasting and impressive results.
Who is a good candidate for hourglass surgery?

  • dr dekidHours of exercise and gym have shown no effective results in weight loss

  • dr dekidYou don’t have any previous medical problem

  • dr dekidDuring the surgery, small incisions are made within the natural contours of the abdomen. This helps minimize scarring.

  • dr dekidYou have a positive outlook towards the surgery

  • dr dekidPatients should have a good general and emotional health

  • dr dekidPeople who understand the long-term consequences and demands of the surgery are the perfect candidates for hourglass surgery

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